Amazing Views

Wake up every morning to the soothing sounds of the waves gently lapping the shores of Lake Kariba, fresh air-kissed by the river and purified by the forests, the birds chirping on lush greenery and the unmatched glory of an African sunrise. Our forty-four suites at the Cutty Sark Hotel offer a front-row seat to the most serene views of the spectacular majesty of the Zambezi River and all in nature that pays homage to its life-giving waters.

In a testament to our pride and commitment to protecting and magnifying the gifts of nature, Cutty Sark Hotel is built to blend with and honour Mother Nature’s majesty allowing the scenery and our ‘neighbours’ from Chawara National Park to drop by and preen for your enjoyment and appreciation.

We are carefully placed on a little slice of paradise on the shores of Lake Kariba giving you space to calm your senses away from the hustle and bustle. Cutty Sark Hotel will teleport you to other realms through our unmatched and unobstructed deck views of the striking Antelope and Zebra Islands and the jaw-dropping Matusadonha Mountains while you kick back and relax.